Personal Development Initiative

The Personal Development initiative is headed up by psychologist Charl Davids, with the assistance of Andrew Greenwood as Sport Psychology Coordinator. The initiative is one of the significant initiatives in the personal development of the SS4LS beneficiaries. This initiative fits into the well-being component of SS4LS where beneficiaries are equipped with the relevant tools to deal with the ever changing psychological issues in their involvement and commitment to the mission, vision and values of SS4LS.

At the heart of the initiative is the holistic development of the individuals to optimally strive as professionals both on and off the field of play. The beneficiaries are also empowered with various skill sets through various individual and group workshops designed to help them deal with the mental aptitude demands of professional sport, academic acumen as well as the psychosocial life skills required to make meaningful contributions to their immediate communities and other aspects of their life.
SS4LS actively supports developing, implementing and refining the individual and group dynamic processes involved in the holistic development of all SS4LS beneficiaries. Regular workshops and assessment of individuals will be done through the course of the academic calendar year focusing on:

  • Mental toughness
  • Personality types
  • Motivation Performance strategies
  • Conflict resolution

In addition, group workshops and feedback sessions will focus on the team synergy dynamics exploring various objectives around themes of

  • Activation control
  • Motivation Performance strategies (visualisation, imagery, relaxation)
  • CBT (Cognitive Behavioural therapy)
  • Goal setting (Individual/team goals)
  • Attention Control

Education Partnerships

SS4LS is actively investing and contributing to the academic development & success of the various beneficiaries of the program within South-Africa. The program has established a learning and teaching framework that enables and promotes both, Secondary & Tertiary learning, to allow students to empower themselves to successfully finish their respective levels of education.

For Secondary schooling, SS4LS has identified and partnered with 3 schools by assisting and providing scholarships to students who performs academically, and through sport. By SS4LS in investing these students’ schooling, it creates the opportunity for these students to successfully finish high school and pursue their goals in life.

SS4LS Secondary School Partners:

  • Bellville Technical High
  • Muizenburg High
  • De Villiers Graaff High

SS4LS partnered with 2 Tertiary Institutions to allow the program’s tertiary education scholarship holders to experience, develop and excel in the hunt to successfully complete their studies and reach graduation (undergraduate and postgraduate). The program believes that all graduates can become active contributors to their communities and society as a whole.

SS4LS Tertiary Education Partners are University of the Western Cape (UWC) and Cape Peninsula of Technology (CPUT)

Tutor & Mentorship Program

In developing a strong academic acumen for all SS4LS scholarship holders, this process will be driven by a strong tutoring program designed to help SS4LS scholarship holders adapt to the demands of tertiary education and excel academically building on the academic pillar of the SS4LS program.

The tutoring program has been in place for a number of years achieving a healthy record of good results. Building on the strong foundations of Frank Zindo’s work,a former beneficiary and one of the founding members of the initiative. The program is undergoing a refining process to improve the systems in place so that the program’s efficacy is next to none in terms of returns on the investments with long terms goals of expanding the program to the high school projects.

Currently, the program is collaborating with South African Cricketers’ Association SACA whose mission is to protect and promote the interests of South African professional and semi professional cricketers, and the game. Moving forward, the tutoring program further aims to develop tutors from within the SS4LS beneficiaries who will be able to “lift up as they climb” helping their colleagues within the SS4LS program optimizing on the investments.

Important to note as well will be the refurbishment of UWC Cricket clubhouse into the official tutoring hub where tutors and tutees will meet for their tutoring sessions facilitating a smooth running of the program. Furthermore, the program will improve on the assessment and feedback systems in place by having by-monthly and end of semester evaluations of all the stakeholders involved to further develop and improve the current  systems to ensure that the SS4LS beneficiaries achieve, maintain and strive for excellence in their academic pursuits.