About Bellville Technical High

Belville Technical High School is one of the first secondary institutions to open its doors of learning in the Northern Suburbs. Technical high schools provide an important educational opportunity for learners who want to study in fields such as a mechanical technology and engineering, thus providing critical skills for the economic development of the Western Cape.

The SS4LS programme through the Educulture project successfully partnered with HTS Belville to provide several township boys access to the school. Notably Ashley Cupido who progressed to be a SS4LS graduate and South African Students Cricket Captain.

More recently SS4LS alumniĀ Esmund Van Vyk has been appointed as a teacher and the head of sports at HTS Belville. As a SS4LS alumni, Esmund Van Wyk has endeavored to strengthen the relationship between UWC and HTS Belville. The SS4LS programme since 2015 has partnered with the school to upgrade the outdoor sporting facilities and the Jock De Jager Sports Center.

This relationship holds only great things in store, as SS4LS has continued in their investment of HTS Belville. This investment builds upon the infrastructure by providing support in areas such as coaching, education and well-being. With the support of headmaster, Michael Koopman and his strong relationship this relationship hold great things in-store.