5 Mar, 2018

Reflection on the varsity cup 2018 with Shandre Fritz

Interviewer: This year’s varsity cup was your first, and as a young coach it has been a learning curve for you as well. Please give us an insight on the experience as the first female coach to be part of the varsity cricket cup.

Interviewee: It was a privilege to be part of the coaching staff that went for the varsity cup. It was also great to be the first female coach to be part of the tournament, however these things do not bother me a lot because I just want to be respected as a “Cricket coach”.

Interviewer: How was the overall performance of the team?

Interviewee: The overall performance was below par. The boys were outplayed in all the departments. It is crucial to take the chances at key moments and the boys failed to do that. However, life in general is a learning curve, it is important for the boys to realise their mistakes and carry out the positives from that experience.

Interviewer: What are some of the opportunities that you exploited as a coach in terms of personal growth and the areas in which the boys can improve?

Interviewee: I was involved in different match situations and this helped me to think outside the box according to the different match situations. T20 is a quick game and I learned how to react to different situations in t20.

Interviewer: You were the first South African cricketer to score a 100 in t20 cricket. What advise to you have for the upcoming cricketers on how to apply oneself in t20 cricket.

Interviewee: Hard work, self-belief and a clear mind are the attributes that one needs to achieve greatness in the game. According to Fritz, these attributes do not just rock up from nowhere, but these are attributes that the individual has to work on. It is important to identify the areas of weakness and work on that to be a complete player.

Interviewer: In relation to the previous question, what does it take to play and compete at the highest level for those ladies and gentlemen aspiring to be cricketers?

Interviewee: Focus, hard work and it is important to understand your game thus one strengths and weaknesses.

Interviewer: How do you think the team should prepare for the upcoming tournaments?

Interviewee: The boys need to play more games together for a longer period of time. It is also important for the boys to play cricket on quicker surfaces with bounce. This might be difficult considering the water crisis in the mother city. Furthermore, the type of soil and other environment variables makes it difficult to prepare similar wickets to those in Potchefstroom. However, Fritz suggested that, the team should try play on synthetic surfaces. These synthetic surfaces will not be the same as the pitches in Potch, but they are closer enough than the pitches in Cape town.

Interviewer: Is our fielding the best? A few guys mentioned how catches and mis fields lost us games. Definitely these are basics of cricket. What should be done to produce a bunch of quality fielders like Jonty Rhodes, Herschelle Gibbs, Andre Symonds and the Ricky Pontings, guys who could win you games by quality fielding.

Interviewee: The fielding was not the best. Most guys were not used to bigger crowds hence the players failed to control their nerves and composure. However, it is important for the players to have a positive attitude towards fielding and to always stick to the basics.

Interviewer: What are the challenges you have faced so far?

Interviewee: We face challenges on a daily basis as human beings but the biggest challenge in my opinion for any female coach in men’s cricket is credibility.

Interviewer: How have you overcame these challenges?

Interviewee: Understanding the game, patience and hard work is the only way to go.

Interviewer: Any motivating words to females out there who want to pursue cricket coaching as a career?

Interviewee: Passion should be the driver of anything. It is important to first want it more than the next person. Having this attitude will lead to greater things, sky is the limit.

Interviewer: Do you think there are enough organisations out there who are like sports Skills for Life Skills who are willing to be the champions of development in cricket?

Interviewee: They are not enough organisations out there. However, it is important for the alumni, graduates and cricketers to join hands and work towards cricket development.

Interviewer: How can we improve on awareness so that that the game gets recognition and support from most of the population?

Interviewee: It is important to play more games, have games televised or have a social media tv channel that plays live games. Furthermore, it is important to advertise the game through word of mouth. Apart from all of this, it is important for the players to work hard towards their game because good results will invite people said Fritz.

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